Magus Thor'rauna - High Priest of Satan of S. Africa
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Phil Botha was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, roughly 45 odd miles from Durban on the southeast coast of Natal (now Kwazulu-Natal) in S. Africa and battling to make friends in high school, he is advised by his 'hero' and teacher, to contact his departed grandmother, using a local spirit medium. Years later before his eighteenth birthday and forced to honor his parents, he attends a two week bible study and with the *Dominee's assurance of eternal life, automatic adoption into the Body of Christ and the forgiveness of all sin (simply by reciting a creed) he is confirmed as a member of the Dutch Reformed Church, yet remains one spiritually dead and incredibly confused teenager. (*Dominee is the Afrikaans term used for addressing a minister or pastor)

A week after his confirmation he stops attending church and days before his eighteenth birthday, is invited by a work colleague to visit a church with very different beliefs. Just off the national road 23 miles outside Pietermaritzburg, his friend parks his car outside an old dilapidated Catholic Church building and by means of a password, handshake and a strange medallion, they enter the Sanctuary of the Great White Light!

In the following weeks Phil returns alone and is asked if he wishes to become a priest of the Left Hand Path. Excited, unsure and demonically manipulated since the age of ten, he accepts the offer and less than a month after his eighteenth birthday he is initiated into the priesthood of Satanism in South Africa.

He discovers why the first three initiations in Satanism are exactly the same taken by all professional witches, Freemasons and all professional magicians - only after he is placed in a coffin, carried into a field and unceremoniously, is literally buried alive! The ten years that follow require him to study day and night and even obtain a degree, legally from one of the Universities within S. Africa to secure his position and used as yet another decoy.

His days and nights are engulfed with mystical books, ancient Kabalistic tablets and the preparation and construction of countless rituals, ceremonies, curses, spells, talismans, astral projection, levitation, Yoga, lycanthropy and many others. Only after Thor'rauna (his spirit-guide) insists he excels in teleportation, does he fully grasp the rude awakening to the authenticity of Satanism and the main reason every Magus must *teleport at will (*the literal transportation of one's body, soul and spirit to other towns, cities, countries and dimensions in minutes).

Seemingly fictitious to most readers, Phil teleports to many countries in northern Africa, the Middle East and other locations to study under the five ageing masters of the Ancient Babylonian Mysteries. Those in particular will always be passed on verbally in secret chambers so nothing is ever written or recorded. Canceling all human error and efforts to burn, expose, lose or destroy any of the original sayings and teachings articulately memorized and passed down from the first five priests of Nimrod!

Grasped by fear and intrigue he is exposed to prophecy being fulfilled by Satanism, as Jesus Himself predicted one of the two future events (of a very sick and depraved society) on earth just before His Second Coming. This same reason forced God to initiate the flood in Noah's days when cherubim fathered half human and half demonic off-spring in a hope to foil a sinless Messiah born of a pure lineage blood line of humans.

Likewise in 2019, Incubi and Succubi still have intercourse with humans and after a normal nine month period, prostitutes in Satanism give birth to zombies. If any of these 'Infants' are born with hoofed or webbed feet, snubs, bat-like tails, wings or grotesque facial features that would alarm the public - they are immediately dropped in huge vats of acid to remove all evidence of any demonic off-spring and traces of Satanism. However the 'normal' survivors are only answerable to priests who bring back traitors for permanent punishment. Zombies feel no pain, emotion, conviction, cannot be saved and most live until 18 years of age, in safe houses on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Yet another biblical prophecy is fulfilled in Satanism when spirit guides arrive in all the Temples throughout S. Africa on Thursday evenings and take on a solid human form called ectoplasm. In this state, these spirits effortlessly start teaching the members in Satanism subjects they themselves created and manipulated humans into believing they were the ones who ‘started’ or ‘created’ certain religions, cults or isms to deceive the public and draw them into the web of the occult.

This (subjects and philosophies created by evil angelic beings) were spoken of and predicted by Paul, when he warned Timothy of it occurring during the latter days before and after the Rapture of the Church. There are 35 subjects in all, but only 28 of them will be made public for obvious reasons, in the most urgently needed and requested follow up to this biography - aptly called Doctrines of Devils.

Phil's final teleportation from Johannesburg to the Rosicrucian temple in America sealed his fate and studies, ushering him into the highest level of the Left Hand as Magus Thor'rauna High Priest of Satanism. During his seventeen years of involvement with the Movement, he seeks help amongst the clergy and evangelists, but without any success. Most pastors turn him away with excuses of urgent preparation for visiting overseas preachers and insensitively suggest he return a week or two later for salvation or food.

In his final year as Magus, terminally ill, dependent on daily doses of illegal drugs, alcohol, the inevitable heart attack and his daily injection for diabetes, he withdraws to a small hotel in Amanzimtoti. Wishing to wait alone for the angels of death, God decided to intervene and inform Phil that he is still worth forgiving and saving, by arranging an Assemblies of God pastor to visit him each day for a month.

Pastor Petzer's face was slapped twice, spat in and he was often cursed and sworn at by Phil, but nothing dampened his obedience for God or his love for souls! Only the literal flames of Hell and meeting Osmodeus himself (the prince of demons) motivated Phil's decision to turn to Christ. Minutes later and ironically on the 1st April he accepted the Lord Jesus as his own personal Savior, Master and Lord and only then the trials began, trying to fit into the Body of Christ.

The very Pentecostal congregation who had faithfully obeyed the Lord's command to fast and pray for the salvation of S. Africa's High Priest of Satan's for a month, refuses to even shake his hand in their church after testifying of God's saving grace in his life and thanking them for their prayers and Christian 'love'. However, during a prayer meeting in that church and having previously made a blood pact with an evil spirit, Phil is violently thrown through the air, crashing into a brick wall in the church and pronounced dead by two nursing sisters, as the evil spirit tries in vain to enter his body and claim his blood pact.

Majestically his spirit is transported to Heaven and there, he receives instructions from His Savior. Phil later returns to the corpse by being raised from the dead by his faithful friend and pastor and two months later, starts his eleven year ministry. He exposes the doctrines of devils that are being ignorantly conducted in many hundreds of Christian churches across S. Africa, amidst bribery of huge sums of money from the Movement to stop speaking out against the Doctrines, Phil was even thrown off a building, received many death threats and was shot at twice.

This biography is not just an historical and unique Christian testimony of the only Magus who escaped alive and managed to serve Jesus Christ, but gloriously in the first 2 years of his public ministry, over 2,000 professional witches and warlocks personally gave their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ, renouncing Satanism and each of them received the baptism in the Spirit within the same hour of their conversion, sealing their destiny and soul against the wiles of the enemy, their former master.

On this site, we have proudly included an e-mail for you to read, sent to the Head and so called High Priest of the Church of Satan (USA). To prove a point to all wannabe Satanists, gullible enough to pay U$100 (back in 2003) to join this scam in San Francisco, we decided to use the actual name of Phil Botha (which every member world-wide knows and feared before he was saved). We then asked a very mundane question every genuine member of Satanism knows, but neither Peter Gilmore (acting high priest) nor the Administration of the Church of Satan in USA had the faintest clue what I was talking about.

This biography also houses an open letter to the current Magus High Priest of Satan of S. Africa, who knew Phil Botha very well before and after his conversion to Christ. We ask every saint entering this site to please read the Open Letter to him and then join us in daily earnest prayer for his salvation.

Francis B.