Magus Thor'rauna - High Priest of Satan of S. Africa
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Phil Botha 1934-1997

Born into an Afrikaans family in Pietermaritzburg and manipulated by his high school teacher (and hero) to attend a gathering where a spirit medium supposedly called up his recently departed grandmother.

Weeks before his 18th birthday and forced to be confirmed in the Church, he is publicly lied to by the Dominee (Afrikaans for Pastor) 'guaranteeing' eternal life, forgiveness of all sin, his name written in the book of life and instantly becoming a child of God ... merely by reciting a creed!

As a direct result of the lies these two 'teachers' imprint in the mind of this teenager . . . days after his 18th birthday he is initiated into the priesthood of Satanism and becomes enslaved for the next 17 years of his life.

But ...

after his conversion –he spent the 26 years as a Spirit filled believer leading thousands of souls to Christ and baptizingover 25 Dominees in water (full immersion) and they all received the Holy Spirit baptism.