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Introduction to the Doctrines of Devils (... and where they come from)

Around 67 AD in Macedonia where Paul was ministering, he wrote a letter to Timothy predicting a shocking truth which the Holy Spirit revealed to him about drastic choices many of the Body of Christ would make in the latter times. It was so horrific the Lord had it recorded in the New Testament to warn obedient saints and hopefully shock the living daylights out of current backsliders in 2019 and beyond. Paul explained to Timothy how in the years leading up to the Rapture (the snatching away or the sudden removal of obedient saints to Heaven) some Christians would depart from the faith forsaking Christ and lose their salvation!

Up until the early seventies pastors never bothered or did any biblical research on the reasons why Paul spoke about these doctrines of devils and how they would lead genuine born-again believers astray in 1 Tim 4:1-4

“..Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart 
from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils..”

The launch of the Satanic Crèche (1st Jan 1969) changed the occult status and Satanism around the world overnight. There had never been a need before to expose these soul destroying subjects and occult practices to congregations in the Body of Christ. To date only Phil Botha and one other person ever went forth to publicly warn, educate and spiritually arm thousands of S. African congregations, who sadly were already involved in most of these doctrines!

You may be shocked at the above statement and think it was mainly due to Africa being filled with pagan and heathen tribes ruled by superstitious ancestral worship, Voodoo and witch doctors. However ninety eight percent of everyone we ever counseled or prayed for at these services - had partaken in one or more of these doctrines and were either colored or white Christians and not a single African unbeliever.

There are 35 subjects created, inspired and meticulously distributed by Thor’rauna (Phil’s spirit-guide) and other princely demons and evil spirits. But only 28 of them will ever be made public due to strict instructions from Phil never to divulge any of the most dangerous seven in public. Being too evil, unspeakably cruel, demented, corrupt and an abomination unto every soul and spirit that exposes themselves to them.

Remind yourself before each subject below, that not one of them is a Christian idea, ceremony, practice, ritual or belief. Each one was directly created, designed and crafted by the one society calls Lucifer or Satan. By the time you read through the first four and the explanations from Phil’s seventeen years of studies, research and experiences, you will then grasp how extremely thin the web of the occult has been so carefully spun. These doctrines have been solely used for one purpose only. To lead as many people away from God, rob them of their destiny, eternal life and every opportunity of ever hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and becoming children of God.


Two types of Christians reading this preface urgently need to be addressed before going any further.

(1) The honey coated – comfortable zone – ‘at peace’ and self-absorbed saints. Those already involved in some eastern or occult practice and have become prone to defend what you are partaking of by using worn out clichés’ which are neither Christian nor becoming for a follower of Christ.  Be it Hatha yoga, hearing from the dead, receiving weekly astrology readings on your mobile or just attending any one of the doctrines conducted by those sucked up in the occult as a profession.

Your spiritual life is being manipulated as you read this and no amount of “I’ve got peace about this” strategy will ever change the mission of evil spirits who shepherd and project these doctrines to trap honey coated sayings like that. It’s only obvious you’re at peace with Yoga when you’re not street-(spiritual) wise concerning the very ‘creators’ of the Hindu religion. And after all, what harm can come out of doing Yoga when it’s . . . JUST stretching exercises - right?

WRONG: I urge and plead with all believers in Christ – rush to your nearest book store or library. Or go On Line and find Guru Roby’s personal testimony as an ex-Hindu. He was born and raised in India of the higher caste (only they are able to become gurus, swamis, yogis or priests) and he was teaching Yoga and TM before turning ten years of age. If you refuse to believe a former High Priest of Satan’s information, then get Guru Roby’s firsthand testimony about the very grave dangers of Yoga – TM – Reincarnation – Levitation - Hinduism – Divali – Mantras and more.

(2) Those babes in Christ – naive – gullible and sheltered saints, not ‘street-wise’ concerning the enemy at all.
Even if you have been bewildered by John Edward’s professional readings, gone under hypnotism, played Oui’-Ja board just once. Maybe you only attended one séance in your life – your spiritual hedge of protection has definitely been broken. And your superstitious unbiblical “I don’t accept that” clichés can ringout from every pulpit across all Positive Thinkingdom . . it will never hinder-stop or diminish the unstoppable mission of the enemy. All broken spiritual hedges out there can only be restored via conviction – confession and renouncing it personally to Jesus Christ. (No Pope, priest or pastor required).

IE…former Karate’ instructors in Christ, if you still have endless headaches – get baptized by full immersion according to His Word and they’ll disappear overnight. Believers who were hypnotized before or after conversion, renounce it to Jesus Christ (nobody else) and you shall receive an immediate hunger for God’s Word. I have never met a single unbeliever who went to a séance, tarot reading, spirit medium or spiritualist church, that didn’t end up a year or two later believing certain parts of the bible were obsolete or that Jesus wasn’t really the Son of God.

On breaking your spiritual hedge, your guardian angel’s power to protect, guide and arrange opportunities for you to hear the gospel and receive Christ is greatly affected. Not until you verbally renounce whatever occult practice, subject or doctrine of devil the Holy Spirit convicts you of . . . you will be spiritually manipulated and never fully receive God’s perfect Will for your life – period!

WHY do you think God shared with Paul and urged him to write a letter to
Timothy about saints living almost two thousand years in the future?

Genuine Christians called converted, born-again, saved and even the Spirit filled ones. Those who used to stand on street corners boldly handing out tracts and leading people to Christ by prayer IN public. Many of those soul winning saints have already fallen away from the Christian faith by these seducing spirits because they partook or are perhaps still involved with these doctrines still taught and practiced weekly IN Satanism in 2019.

In closing - Good News for any convicted or slightly worried believers on this page right now.

This website does not conform to Hollywood’s boring predictable scripts nor does it follow pulpit propaganda on the subject of the restoration of spiritual hedges. There is absolutely no need for Babylonian (Roman Catholic) rosaries, crucifixes, so called ‘holy water’ nor a Christian bible, elder or pastor present. Like your conversion, you only need to acknowledge that particular occult practice in your life, then humble yourself before your personal Savior, renounce and repent of that occult sin once.

There are no sightings of any demon or any spirit manifestations when Jesus Himself forgives you and instantly restores your hedge. Just as 99% of you reading this have never seen your guardian angel either – right? There is no need for any spiritual drama queens here as Jesus the Christ, the Living Son of God does all the work. Once you honestly confess and renounce that occult based sin in your life – Jesus forgives, sets free, restores and leaves you a promise (Hebrews 10:15-17). Go check it up and bless His name for that miracle of forgiveness.

To any unbelievers reading this section – you need to hear and face up to the Truth. By you having refused to accept Christ Jesus as your Lord, Master and Savior, don’t even bother about a spiritual hedge as your greatest need at this point of time, even before reading any further - is the miraculous salvation by Christ before all else.