Magus Thor'rauna - High Priest of Satan of S. Africa
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This biography houses the startling true life story of a normal child called Phil Botha. He was raised in Pietermaritzburg (an average small town on the east coast of Natal in S. Africa) but two events in his life changed and stole the career he had dreams of accomplishing. Firstly and most crucial to this story, his only role model and junior school teacher instructs him how to make contact with his dearly beloved grandmother who has recently passed away. And much later a month before his eighteenth birthday his parents order him to attend a two week crash-course bible study before being confirmed in a traditional and non-evangelical church.

After Phil and ten other teenagers recite (parrot fashion) a creed, the *Dominee guarantees all the candidates full membership into that congregation. This ‘membership’ includes automatic adoption as children of God with their names instantly written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. This wasn’t a super natural ceremony of any kind oh no, it was only because their Dominee said they have all just inherited eternal life that very morning! *(Dominee is used by Afrikaans speaking S. Africans when addressing a minister of the gospel).

A week after Phil’s confirmation he accepts an invitation to the Sanctuary of the Great Light. But only after his eighteenth birthday is he allowed to be initiated into the priesthood of Satan of S. Africa. This heart wrenching biography shows Phil’s inner turmoil, loneliness and constant struggle of those seventeen long years within the Movement and his quest to escape and find faith, freedom and a future outside Satanism.

From the teleporting of his entire body, soul and spirit from Johannesburg to L.A. (USA) under three minutes and achieving his title Magus, to being pronounced physically dead by trained nurses as his spirit is transported into Heaven. He gives a detailed account of Heaven and receives his calling from his new Savior and Master Jesus Christ. Discover how the mere mention of that name Jesus Christ blasphemed or prayed is instantly heard in Heaven. Then be encouraged and humbled by the power of Christ when Phil’s spirit is commanded to return to his corpse on earth and raised from the dead by a Spirit filled pastor.

Nothing prepares you for the exciting reunion of four close friends who used to preach to him before he was converted to Christ. Nor his shocked discovery of being directly responsible for certain people’s destiny during his treacherous and wicked rule! His straight forwardness and compassion for souls void of all Hollywood sensationalism led over 2,000 witches out of Satanism to Christ in the first 2 years of his ministry.

This becomes the first (and last) biography to contain first hand information along with seventeen years of experience within the ‘real’ authentic Movement known as Satanism. No other Magus has escaped alive since the formation of modern Satanism in 1735 by a well known French bishop. And for the first time in the history of Christianity the very Doctrines of Devils God told Paul to write and warn Timothy about - is also within the covers of this Christ centered biography. These are subjects created by actual demon spirits, then revealed to chosen human vessels who ‘found’ certain religions, cults and crafts that seduce and cause the ‘falling away of the faith” before the Rapture. (1 Timothy 4:1-4)

However you will only find 28 of these 35 doctrines exposed in the biography as well as on this site and it became crucial to reveal who the Seven Churches of Satan really are and their Satanic beliefs. Also the reasons why they so comfortably flourish within most communities under a deceptive cloak of Christianity. You’ll also find in the first chapter of Phil Botha’s biography (freely available for you to download) how two of these seven extremely deceptive churches are used to prepare him for his initiation into the priesthood of Satanism.

In the final chapter of the book and on this site, there are Open Letters to teachers, parents, police, teenagers and also the current Magus High Priest of S. Africa, as I knew his father very well and met his family. I used this platform knowing those assistant priests would purchase a copy for their inspection and vaults. Lastly there is the most beautiful, powerful, uplifting and encouraging message by Phil you’ll ever read. This can also be downloaded and passed onto Christian friends and relatives who might still be struggling to find and live the majestic blessing of Abundant Life.

Author’s footnote

This biography is solely a Christian based and Christ centered book of 145 pages. It was carefully written for teenagers who are involved in the occult living in France, Poland, Germany, Sweden, China, Malaysia, Russia etc. So if their mother-tongue is not English, they would easily grasp and understand Phil’s conversion to Christ! Though this novel is full of powerful hard hitting facts, truth and exposure relating to Satanism, extra special editing was added to make sure not a single ounce of glory went to the enemy.