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This biography houses the true life story of a boy named Phil Botha, who was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, Natal in S. Africa. And how two events in his life change and rob him of all hope of ever accomplishing his dreams. Firstly and most crucial to this story is when his only role model (a high school teacher) suggests he make contact with his beloved grandmother who has recently passed away and he attends his first séance. Then years later (a month before his eighteenth birthday) his parents demand he attend a two week crash-course bible study before being confirmed in a very traditional and non-evangelical church.

After Phil and ten other teenagers recite (parrot fashion) a creed, the *Dominee guarantees them all of a full membership in that Dutch Reformed congregation as that ‘membership’ includes automatic adoption as children of God with all their names instantly written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Now this wasn’t a super natural ceremony of any kind,but another spiritually blind minister refusing to preach the gospel, who foolishly believes baptizing a baby removes all sin from the infant. Then many years later in its teens, they demand it recites a creed (without any repentance of years of sin) and a simple guarantee of eternal life and automatic status to child of God from being born-again. *(Dominee is used by Afrikaans speaking S. Africans who address an Afrikaans preacher).

A week after Phil’s confirmation he accepts an invitation to the Sanctuary of the Great White Light, but only after he turns eighteen is he allowed to be initiated into the priesthood of Satan of S. Africa. This heart wrenching biography shows Phil’s inner turmoil, loneliness and constant struggle of seventeen long years within the Movement and his quest to escape and find faith, freedom and a future outside Satanism.

From teleporting his entire body, soul and spirit from Johannesburg to L.A. in Americawithin three minutes to achieve the title Magus, to being pronounced physically dead by trained nurses when his spirit is transported up into Heaven. Phil gives a detailed account of Heaven and receives his calling from his new Savior and Master Jesus Christ. Discover how the mere mention of that name Jesus Christ blasphemed or prayed is instantly heard in Heaven and be greatly encouraged and humbled by the power of Christ when Phil’s spirit is commanded to return to his corpse and raised from the dead by a Spirit filled pastor of the Assemblies of God.

Nothing prepares you for the startling reunion of his four close friends who used to preach to Phil during the first ten years he was forced to study in the Movement . . . nor his shocked discovery of being directly responsible for these friends destiny. His straight forwardness and compassion for souls (void of all Hollywood sensationalism)allows him to lead over 2,000 witches out of Satanism to Christ in the first 2 years of his Christian ministry across S. Africa in hundreds of churches.

This becomes the only biography to contain firsthand information along with seventeen years of experience within the ‘real’ authentic Movement known as Satanism.  Because no other Magus high priest has ever been allowed to escape alive since the formation of modern Satanism in 1735 by a well-known French bishop of the Roman Catholic Church back then.

Please feel free to download the first chapter of Phil’s biography (freely available in Word and PDF format). They are available in English and Afrikaans at the moment and hopefully by July 2019, in Mandarin as well.

In the final chapter of the book and also on this site (Articles) there are Open Letters to teachers, parents, police, teenagers and the current Magus High Priest of Satanism in S. Africa.  We are desperately trying to get copies of Magus into the libraries of every high school across S. Africa and would appreciate teachers or headmasters to read their respective open letters and then challenge the Minister of Education to seriously help inform the S. Africa’s youth and educators on real Satanism.

Because once armed with Phil Botha’s true life story in their libraries, his firsthand information could help prevent much of the terrible and senseless (so called Satanism motivated) violence in the junior and high schools. Plus hopefully stop all ridiculous blaming of ‘the devil’ when a junior or high school pupil is murdered on the school grounds. This biography details how no teenager under eighteen years of age is ever allowed to visit, be recruited, join or participate in anything even closely related to Satanism.

And the quicker magistrates, police, headmasters, teachers and parents understand this - the faster hundreds of thousands of pupils in schools will read of Christ’s power setting a high priest free.  And should any teenager in future dare to act out his anger or hate against another . . . neither the devil or demon will be blamed for their crime and they will be justly prosecuted, sentenced and definitely do the time they so rightly deserve.

Author's footnote

Phil Botha’s life story is a Christian based and Christ centered book of about 145 pages. It was carefully written for all the teenagers who are perhaps involved in the occult already and secondly for those ignorant of the ramifications of it. And extra care and time was taken to edit his story to enable teenagers and parents living in France, Poland, Germany, Sweden, China, Malaysia and even in Russia.  So that should their mother-tongue not be English, they would still grasp and understand Phil’s conversion to Christ!

Though this novel is full of powerful hard hitting facts, truth and exposure relating to Satanism, extensive editing was done to eradicate any glory going to the enemy as he is revealed for only what he is. But the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ  dominates every page and receives all the glory and praise for the miraculous conversion of S. Africa’s former Magus high priest of Satanism.