Magus Thor'rauna - High Priest of Satan of S. Africa
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The Bookcover & Details


Irrefutably the most riveting extraordinary and miraculous biography of the only Satanic High Priest in history to escape, receive Christ and boldly preach out against Satanism. For the first time since modern Satanism was activated in 1735, twenty-eight of the perilous soul destroying Doctrines of Devils are published and exposed.

Find out how impossible it is for John Edward to hear from the dead and discover who impersonates those departed souls and why. Be encouraged as Phil reveals the limitations of the enemy when one is Spirit filled and regardless of your religious background, you will be touched reading of Phil's entrance into Heaven. You will feel God's love enfold you as he tries to describe the majestic beauty and compassion of his new Master
Jesus Christ.

You will rejoice when God saves him after seventeen years of fear, wickedness and cruelty and sets him gloriously free.

(about the author -Francis B.)
With a British grandfather as Grand Master in the Freemasons, Francis B. was introduced to the occult by a grandmother who often frequented the shady halls of mediums. Whilst delving into the occult as a young impressionable teenager he would effortlessly astral project and levitate during yoga sessions he had taught himself.

After his conversion he met Phil Botha in the summer of '75 when he was invited to minister with him at many of his meetings. Commissioned to record Phil's life story first on audio cassette in 1979, he now bravely attempts to capture the inner struggles, torment and suffering of Phil's dramatic and courageous life and fight for freedom, faith and fulfillment.