Magus Thor'rauna - High Priest of Satan of S. Africa
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  1. Preface and Warning to all who read Doctrines of Devils
    Doctrines of Devils are Satanic because the fallen being known to people and nations as Satan and was once called Lucifer or the devil, became the arch enemy of Jehovah God Almighty. And his final mission and main goal was letting his messengers create these evil doctrines to help blind the innocent people on earth. He has to make sure they never meet any child of God who will share God’s grace and the gospel of Christ Jesus with them. [summary]
  2. Open letter to Magus High Priest of Satanism of S. Africa in 2006
    I am forced to use this avenue to reach you as your spirit-guide will never allow a second Magus any personal contact with a Spirit filled believer of IOVA. [read more]
  3. Open letter to Parents
    Every healthy growing teenager without a family role model will naturally go through the universally accepted ‘Teenage Identity Crisis.’ And just as an oil spot on the garage floor, a dog unable to stop scratching or a light that doesn’t work - are all symptoms of tiny problems . . . each one can still be remedied. [read more]
  4. Open letter to Members in the Church of Satan-USA
    I can imagine how rocked your ‘Satanic boat’ must be now after reading this book. But besides seeing the other side of the (real) Satanic coin in Phil’s story we hope you have the honesty to admit both the late Anton LaVey and Mr. Gilmore ‘wannabe High Priest’ conned you into joining that group. [read more]
  5. Open letter to Teenagers
    I honestly don’t know what you are going through right now or the home situation you may be in, so I won’t claim to have the answers to all of your questions, but I do know one thing for certain. As you read this ... [read more]
  6. Open letter to Teachers and all other educators
    Anyone would be shocked to the core reading how far reaching a single conversation from teacher to pupil could influence, change and destroy an entire career and future of one child! But being a teacher, it must also have touched you more deeply than most parents could ever imagine. You are commended on choosing a profession that has such historical impact upon those you have taught. [read more]
  7. Email to Peter Gilmore - Current High Priest of the Church of Satan of USA
    Before the printing of this book, I needed solid proof for this very section where I would be ‘talking’ to members of the Church of Satan. So I used an alias name and email account to test the authenticity of the Church of Satan of America and asked two questions ... [read more]
  8. A Message of Encouragement from Phil Botha
    One afternoon while Phil and I sat down to lunch in his home an unexpected visitor arrived who was in the ministry and fortunately I had forgotten to switch off my recorder. This classic occasion became such a pivotal event in the visitor's life (and mine) which I personally saw change overnight and won thousands of souls for Christ nation ... [read more]