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Email to Peter Gilmore - Current High Priest of the Church of Satan of USA

Everyone would surely agree that only a person without any social life, constantly seeking attention and extremely gullible would be willing to send a total stranger US$200 for an advertised membership in Satanism - right? Look at the following summary and judge rationally and logically for yourself?

No one would have to -
Go through any form of initiation – whatsoever.
Recite any kind of a spell, prayer chanted backwards or forwards
Witness any blood drawn from animal or human for a sacrifice
Learn or study how to summon, conjure or call up an evil spirit.
Ever attend a single séance, ritual, ceremony, coven or Satanic Temple.
But everyone would receive for their US$200
One lovely crimson embossed card to confirm - 
“Membership of the Church of Satan of the USA”

But all you’d ever be able do with it - is either freak your parents out or boast to all wannabe Satanist friends without social lives like yourself. It is 2019 and the year of rip off scams is right NOW. The old Nigerian 419 Scam has been going on for over 21 years at full capacity and still the above average students and businessmen still get caught quite often? So what excuse does anyone in their right mind have for wasting US$200 on a membership that gives you nothing, gets you nowhere and tells you absolutely ZILCH?

“Who would waste that amount of cash - on that amount of trash?”

ATTENTION: All members of the Church of Satan USA
Did you know that your former so called high priest of Satan (Anton LaVey) never levitated once in his entire life? I did when I was 13 years of age practicing Yoga in the second month. LaVey never astral projected once either, nor did he ever attend a single Satanic ritual, ceremony or Temple as long as he lived – because he never was a high priest of Satan or in Satanism!  Go and read some of his widow’s statements or watch his daughter’s interviews on TV and especially read his very own publicist’s account of how he just decided one night to nominate himself and proclaimed to those present.

“I am going to be the High Priest of Satan of America.” And without any priest of Satan to teach him even one sentence, not a single prayer, spell, curse, ritualand definitely NO initiationinto the Movement.  There wasn’t even one single demonic entity present in any form - when one foolish statement was made by one very insecure and foolish man that startedthe best decoy and distraction ever created by the enemy (Satan).

The more that American parents and young adults with questioning brains openly laughed and mocked at the ridiculous amount of fake videos (of Satanic weddings) and bogus photos making weekly headlines in the newspapers and on television - the deeper Satanism managed to successfully go back into hiding and carefully plot and create the Satanic Crèche’.                        From Phil Botha’s personal teachings to thousands of recruits in Satanism, you will get a very detailed and in depth Christian look of the real workings of Satanism and the Satanic Crèche’ in the follow up to Phil’s biography – Doctrines of Devils.

Please download the first chapter of Phil biography (it’s free) and do yourself a favor. Read how much he had to study and learn just to prepare to be initiated into the priesthood of Satanism. And then what he had to study for the next ten solid years in order to attain the title of Magus High Priest of Satan. . .before he could even conduct his first ceremony alone.

Proof that the Church of Satan in the USA is run by novices & con-artists.

Before publishing this book, I wanted proof for this section where I would be ‘talking’ to members of the Church of Satan. Therefore I used an alias and a very familiar sounding email account to test the authenticity of the Church of Satan of America and asked two questions any average member of Satan could answer, let alone a high priest(as Peter Gilmore claims to be). Below is the actual email with the authentic reply to the obvious “devil worship” which everyone knows doesn’t exist in Satanism and transmigration – which all priests and witches know of its scary existence and won’t go there.

I used the name Phil Botha and my email address included the word Thor’rauna. Both are synonymous in Satanism, demons and the occult in any of the 26 countries housing high priests conducting weekly ceremonies. No one is allowed to enter the high priest’s space or area without bowing and pronouncing the salutation Thor’rauna correctly. Secondly with Phil Botha being the only Magus ever to escape out of the clutches of Satanism and expose their goals and tactics against the Body of Christ, there is no way any Satanic movement wouldn’t fear, let alone not have heard his name and testimony.


Dear High Priest Mr. Gilmore,

Forgive me for the errors, but I've never written to a High Priest Magus before and have no idea how to address you. Please would you assist me as to what exactly is transmigration and where does it fit in, in Satanism?

A dear friend of mine said he had transmigrated and said he was deep into Satanic 'worship' Is this true? Knowing you are a High Priest I decided to ask you and not get second hand rumors or sensationalism, if you know what I mean? Thank you so much for your help and time.


Phil Botha


Are you ready for the OFFICIAL REPLY from the so called Church of Satan of America?

Dear Phil Botha,

There is no such thing as transmigration in Satanism, and Satanists do not call what they do ‘Satanic Worship’. Sounds like you met a phony. We think that you'll find the answers to your questions in the essay to be found on the Theory/Practice page our official website entitled "Satanism The Feared Religion."

Also, the other essays to be found in that section will assist you in exploring our philosophy, and once you've finished with those, the Sources page lists books that you may order should you wish to continue to deepen your grasp of our philosophy and practices.



Church of Satan

------------------End of E-mail---------------------

(Author’s personal challenge, plea and statement)
To those crimson card holders of the Church of Satan of the U.S.A. Not only is Peter Gilmore and his Administration totally clueless about the ultimate quest of every high priest in Satanism to be able to transmigrate. But neither did the names Phil Botha or Thor’rauna even ring a bell due to the fact that none of them are connected in anyway to Satanism at all.Nor did they ring any bells with any of you either – right?

And the reason is - Anton LaVey as previously mentioned was self-nominated and never had one bona fide connection with evil spirits, Satanism, Temples or Satan himself. Instead he had to steal ideas, create (LaVey-made) bogus sounding occult names and then he even went so far as to paraphrase entire paragraphs of three of the most well-known books in occult history and he committed plagiarism. The Satanic Bible was never read or used by a single member of Satan in S. Africa or in any other country’s Satanic temples either. And Transmigration was one of my very first questions I asked Phil when I first met him in 1975 as I had heard quite a bit about it.

Transmigration is the ultimate and most difficult feat and ceremony to perform. High Priests and witches are warned by their spirit-guides against it, but as a last resort they assist them to commit spiritual suicide. When a dying high priest in Satanism wishes to prolong his life and enter another younger and healthier body, this is the act of transmigrating. It can only be done during the dangerous Voodoo ceremony on the 13thFebruary and there is no way of returning to one’s original body again.

In the fourth chapter of Phil’s biography a fellow priest from France came to visit and learn from S. Africa’s high activity and level of occult power. But he died in the entrance hall of a heart attack and was carried into a chamber to be examined. From his corpse came piercing screams for help, yet there wasn’t any movement or breathing whatsoever. He had transmigrated years before, but was warned should the healthier body decay speedily before he found a second donor, he would be unable to escape and be trapped inside that corpse until it decomposed completely or was cremated.

Here is but a snippet from the actual event and might help you grasp how very fortunate you are by only wasting US$200 and not being sucked into real Satanism after all?

(Chapter 4  - The Horror of Transmigration) – Phil Botha has been Magus High Priest for nine years already, when he is confronted with the frightening reality of complete transmigration. His spirit-guide outlines the process and conclusions only two days before Phil had arranged to attempt transmigration himself.

“He transmigrated ten years ago and now he is trapped.” Zurall said of his spirit and soul being unable to leave the corpse. “Not even what you humans call death…..can ever free him now from the terrible fate he brought upon himself. Only once this, his second earthly house eventually decomposes and turns to dust or is cremated. Then and only then will he be set free for a brief moment before the angels of death collect what is rightfully theirs as you know only too well Phil. Let this be a lesson to you.” sneered Zurall as he opened the door and called for Keepers to come to him.

Needless to say I immediately decided against all ideas of transmigrating into a new healthier and younger body. But for two whole weeks that body remained there on the bed till the French party came to remove it. All the while it was decomposing day after disgusting day the maggots started crawling over and inside it. Later swarming through the flesh and the stench became unbearable, yet his pleading and pathetic voice could still be heard as he begged, screamed and cursed God all day and throughout each night.

He would plead for the forgiveness of Jesus Christ by name and then in the same breath, scream out in agony and pain cursing and rebuking the very name of Jehovah God before returning to once again and beg Jesus to stop the torment and pain..”

This continued unabated and uninterrupted during every single minute, hour and day. Not once did the volume of screaming and cursing ever quiet down or go silent for longer than a few seconds. This Frenchman’s spirit was immortal and was already busy suffering for his crimes, sins and past two lives whilst pinned down in a corpse awaiting the angels of death.

THIS. . . is real Satanism at its sickest and the obvious reasons why you will never find glimpses of this On Line or in any other book. The enemy is out to stop you from ever feeling guilty, admit you’re a sinner or allow you to befriend those who have personal relationships with Jesus Christ and thus capable of leading you to Him and inherit eternal life!

To read the New York Times every day, cut out photos and articles and even hang them on your wall or perhaps call the editor once a week will never secure you a job with the New York Times – right? Why then would you assume paying US$200 to Peter Gilmore’s clan for a crimson embossed card and downloading alllllllllll the occult files you can find and even practicing most of the occult downloads makes you even closely related to Satanism? Allow me to educate you on the huge difference between the occult and Satanism in general.


u’kult - Something collectively confined with only the enlightened inner circle of practitioners understanding a practice hidden , dark and surrounded by supernatural forces.Imparting or exploring the invisible avenues of the spirit world which is not apparent or grasped by the given senses of man. Its hidden craft and sinister art of things performed mysteriously, secretly all the while pertaining to boundaries of the celestial beings.

In forms of astrology, fortune telling, love potions, meditating, levitating, chanting to mystical deities and communicating with spirit beings through the avenues of channeling, mediums, clairvoyance, soothsaying and spirit created religions. Astral projecting spirit and soul and cheating on gravity and time, learning alternative healing techniques with the help of spirit power out of your reach, dimension or control.

Please notice there is not a trace, mention or hint towards Satan, sin, Jesus Christ, demons, evil powers, temptation, Body of Christ, hinderer of lawlessness or salvation. The reason being – delving in the above occult practices for twenty years cannot and does not make you a Satanist, a priest, a witch or a self-acclaimed High Priest of Satan.


Satanism –
The force, drive and mission to touch, affect, hinder, manipulate and confuse every born-again, converted, Christian child of God on earth. The sole purpose being division of the Body of Christ by any means according to powers permitted to them by God, be it sowing seeds of confusion, slander, gossip and hate and letting human nature take its course. With the direct means, information and names to conjuring up evil spirit beings daily and to hold weekly meetings with teachings by these spirit beings and spirit guides.

No persons under the age of eighteen can be allocated, invited, lured, initiated or join the Movement as it remains the most secretive, impregnable, highly organized and deadly group in the entire world. Traitors are removed permanently without physical murder or sacrifice (by medical professionals outside the Movement and never by their members). This is why there has never been the tiniest minute trace of any evidence discovered since modern Satanism resurfaced by a French Catholic bishop back in 1735.

The majority of professional witches within the Movement deploy poltergeist spirits to designated homes and families who are in the process of attending church or about to hear the gospel. Demon possession is very common within Sanctuaries, covens and smaller cells whilst sexual debauchery and adultery fills the Temples weekly with debased and abominable sodomy amongst the males.Married couples purposely engage in open sex with multiple partners each week as Satanists childishly set out to enjoy ‘breaking’ all laws created by God – marriage in particular.

Satanism strives for the prevention of the gospel from spreading and hindering the salvation of thousands of souls with the removal of all manifestations of the Holy Spirit from every church worldwide. Literally members of the Left Hand Path (as real members in Satanism prefer to call themselves and never Satanists) are working frantically to secure and somehow drag as many saints into a world of sin which normally initiates sickness till they doubt God’s Word to heal or get them to backslide and eventually committing the unpardonable sin.