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Preface and Warning to all who read Doctrines of Devils

Police and all Law Enforcement officials – who are earnestly, but blindly dealing with occult related crimes or still trying to find Satanic evidence On Line to close many unsolved-cases.

Teachers & educators – unequipped to deal with the last few years of questions and desperate silent cries for help from students tangled in the occult with pressure placed upon them by their peers.

Concerned parents – unable to reach or warn your ‘active’ child about the dangers of the occult because of your ignorance concerning the enemy’s vast web of disaster?

Students– trying to score in the finals writing over-dramatized thesis of the occult by attempting a ‘hands on’ approach - be warned! Partaking in a séance’ or using Oui-Ja boards, levitation, kabalistic talismans and other very harmless games. To innocently call up sleeping spirits may shock your class and lecturer, but permanently hinder your chances of ever hearing the Gospel.

Scholars in junior and high schools – nothing is more important than receiving the education for your future. However not being street-wise and very occult-smart, will rob you of spending eternity with your Creator. Your 12 odd years of schooling is necessary with compulsory education to help you adapt, mature and later work to survive in this world. But during high school and after your graduation, all future choices you make come with very permanent consequences you may have to take with you into eternity!

For that very reason, this entire web site was created for teenagers who might already be involved in the occult. But especially for all the innocent youth who need to hear the facts before making eternal choices and haven’t dabbled in the occult.

Believers of any faith or religion – even if you are adamant that your religion or faith is the only correct one, this web site is not aimed at convincing you otherwise. Simply hear safely condensed information from the only ex-High Priest of Satan who God allowed to escape with seventeen years of knowledge. Discover why ‘real’ Satanists still infiltrate most of the main line churches in 2005 and how they can actually sing next to other worshippers, remain unnoticed and become fully fledged members of evangelical churches undetected?

If you still believe old pulpit propaganda of the seventies how members in Satanism cannot hold a bible or mention the name of Jesus aloud nor sit next to Spirit filled Christians in a cell group – it’s high time you made another cup of coffee for yourself AND your pastor. New recruits have to hold crucifixes (that has no power against evil spirits) and break the crucifix in half cursing the very name of Jesus Christ by renouncing His blood, power and status.

Spirit-guides take on solid human form in Satanism almost weekly and literally teach their disciples all 35 subjects, theories, religions and doctrines they have created to ensure followers never accept Jesus Christ! Evil demonic forces and spirit-guides for countless years before, ‘inspired’, manipulated and carefully selected certain humans under their control. Using their human traits and weaknesses of greed, lust for power, rebellion against biblical doctrines these demons will even use ‘angelic’ appearances to spin their web of deceit and damnation and reel them in, once they believe God has spoken to them! Yet every Satanic soul destroying doctrine was handed down to man to encourage and urge all gullible followers to reject all biblical beliefs, miracles and truths about their greatest enemy – the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Doctrines of Devils are Satanic because the fallen being known to all peoples and nations as Satan and called Lucifer or the Devil became the only arch enemy of Jehovah God Almighty. His one aim, mission and goal is letting his messengers create these evil doctrines to help blind the innocent people on earth. He has to make sure they never meet any child of God who is able to share God’s saving grace and gospel of Christ Jesus with them.

Each doctrine is soul destroying because once any human has sat in the company or participated in one of the 28 doctrines of devils, their lives are instantly manipulated by these self-same spirits. They will hinder and if possible. stop every neighbor, school friend, relative or work colleague from inviting you to any meeting where the gospel of Jesus Christ’s love is shared.


98% of every Christian entering this web site or purchasing a copy of Phil Botha’s biography will never have heard one sermon about the doctrines of devils in their lifetime! This is only because before the early sixties dawned upon the Body of Christ, no minister or pastor even knew what they were. God urged Paul to write, predict and warn Timothy of doctrines created and inspired by evil spirits. This was to result in countless Christians falling away and losing their salvation in the latter days, seduced by these doctrines of devils.

In order to become the Magus-Thor’rauna High Priest of Satan of S. Africa, Phil was forced to study for ten years day and night. During this time he witnessed and helped teach these 35 doctrines to educate multiple thousands of members in Temples and Sanctuaries across S. Africa. After his conversion to Christ Jesus, thousands of saints and unbelievers heard him speak out against these doctrines in hundreds of churches in his country of birth and later abroad. Because of the perversion and soul damning dangers of seven of these subjects, God instructed Phil never to publicly expose all 35 of them.

The Doctrines of Devils (still to be published in book form) is the follow up to Phil’s biography for all those pastors, missionaries, youth leaders, police and Christians in educational positions to warn how many of these doctrines are being practiced and taught IN the Body of Christ in ignorance. I personally ministered with Phil on many occasions and arranged meetings for him, where I would stand amazed, but very saddened to the core each time. At the beginning of his services the Lord always urged him to simply name ten of the doctrines and ask for a show of hands amongst the saints only.

In every single service at least 75% of all those members in those evangelical and Pentecostal assemblies would raise their hands - having taken part in one or more of less than a month before the service. Born-again and evangelical pastors would step forward, head hanging in shame and weep in repentance before his congregation as even he was drawn into the occult’s web in total innocence – due to ignorance in the Body of Christ

Included in the teachings of the Doctrines of Devils we expose of the seven churches of Satan. This will also be made public for the first time ever on this web site, but only some of their beliefs, doctrines and creeds will be shared. Purely in the hope of leading potential future recruits away from these abominable, deceptive and completely Satanic orchestrated so called ‘Christian churches’ in your very communities. They function under a cloak of Christianity, yet so very few Christians know these seven churches of Satan house the same soul damning beliefs and doctrines taught in Satanism itself.

Before Phil Botha converted to Christianity as Magus High Priest he was the only official to sign monthly checks (cheques for S. African readers) for four of the seven churches of the Movement. To help them build larger halls, churches and spread their propaganda much easier and faster throughout your neighborhood. Within these seven churches of Satan they believe:

People are not punished for personal sin in a literal Hell
Refuse to accept the blood of Jesus and His name can forgive and save.
Deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ in bodily form.
Once people go to the grave – there is yet another chance after death for salvation


Author’s personal note and statement

Regardless of which divided segment of the Body of Christ you fellowship in or are affiliated to. No matter which pet doctrine you base your Christian walk upon - know this from the outset.

No fabrication, ‘white lie’ or dramatic sensationalism has been drafted onto this site to shock people or gain ratings. Our goal, aim and only purpose is salvation to every unbeliever who reads Phil Botha’s biography and to every saint entering this web site, to be spiritually touched by the Holy Spirit, encouraged by the awesome way God saved Phil Botha and to remain prepared for the rapture, removal of His Church at any given moment of time after wards.

Therefore everything you read comes directly from Phil Botha’s ten years of study, seventeen years of experience within Satanism and many personal interviews and recordings of over a hundred of his church services. Again I will purposely state and stress for parents reading this and they have a right to know.

Absolutely no spells, curses, recipes of poison from plants, herbs or potions will be found on this site, nor can one obtain information a single genuine ritual, ceremony, numerical formula to conjure spirits or any other Satanic data On Line! Feel free to chew the meat and spit out the bones, but don’t throw away what you don’t quite understand today, just because your leaders haven’t reached that spiritual level yet!

and follow your own convictions!

The Doctrines of Devils and the Seven Churches of Satan will both be ready to view on the 12th August, but for now, only the 28 titles or descriptions will be placed on UPDATES.

Please bookmark UPDATES as there is no user names, passwords, entrance fee or membership needed to access any of the pages on this web site.

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