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Summary of Doctrines of Devils

For those speed-reading to ascertain if thisbook is really worth purchasing or reading,allow me to summarize it for you and not waste your time or the Holy Spirit’s….. in your life.

This is the follow up to Phil Botha’s dramatic life story and its contents are extremely crucial for every saint to read. But also to keep in theirlibrary for future reference, as thousands of Christians (enjoying a personal relationship with Jesus) have foolishly begun partaking in many of these doctrines. Unfortunately they have no idea that their spiritual hedge of protection (by their guardian angel) has already been broken during their very first encounter (attendance or participation)with any of these damnable subjects listed below.

Every one of these doctrines was taught in Satanism by Phil when he was the resident Magus high priest of the Movement and is still being taught in 2019. And beside the fact that it was taught directly from the horse’s mouth (so to speak), these doctrines were created by demonic spirits for the sole purpose of misleading millions of Christians in the final onslaught againstthe Body of Christ as predicted in your bible.


1Timothy 4:1

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart

from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

In the first two years of Phil’s ministry, just over 2,000 professional practicing witches in Satanism accepted Christ as their Savior during his church services where he exposed these doctrines to hundreds of congregations all across Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Durban and his home townPietermaritzburg. 

This book also reveals methods used by special recruitstrained in the Movement to successfully infiltrate evangelicaland Pentecostal churches. This is effectively achieved by blending in and being elected ontochurch committeesthat determine which ministers will be allowed to visit and which bible believing preachers will be blocked - from sharing the truth of God’s grace.

NB - After Paul received the prophecy around 67 AD to warn Timothy and the early churchesabout the prophecy of the apostasy(falling away of believers before the Rapture), not a single sermon has ever been preached to warn the Body of Christ about all of these deadly doctrines. Merely because they were only being taught in Satanism until April 1969 and then GodJehovah orchestrated the conversion of the only high priest in Satanism to ever escape and later,be called into the ministry, solely to expose these doctrinesfor eleven years that he once taught to 70,000 odd Satanists across S. Africa.

Another startling surprise which has never before been made public are the 7churches of Satanwho have been allowed to advertise their weekly (so called)Christian services in the local newspapers for the last 85 odd years. This book reveals three damnable doctrines taught in these 7 churches which are still being taught and enforced in Satanism since the Movement arrived on the shores of the Cape of Good Hope in 1900.

Very clear explanations are laid down with reasons why recruits in Satanism are urged to become members of these 7 churches to create the ideal disguise (of being seen as godly church folk) to all unsuspecting neighbors, relatives and work colleagues.  Truth be told, there is a 95% possibility that two or more of thesecult churches are busy flourishing IN your neighborhood right under your nose today.

None of the following are Christian based at all

Astrology – Fortune telling – Ouija board – Yoga – TM – Reincarnation – Karate’ (Zen) – Astral projection – Hypnotism – Witchcraft (White/Black magic)Faith healing – Poltergeist – Levitation – Voodoo – Telekinesis – Divination – Teleportation – Necromancy – Lycanthropy – Transmigration.                                      

Those are only 20 of the 28 doctrines exposed in this bookin a very mature Christian manner, that neither condones them nor gives an ounceof glory to the enemy at all.  Instead it shows the poor imitations used by the enemy, trying to copy God’s powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Each chapter includes the grave dangers and warnings to allyoung Christiansthinking of foolishly becoming involved in any of them. And I must reiterate . . . that these very subjects or doctrines were literally created by demonic spirits to mislead and trick hundreds of thousands of unlearned Christians to assume they are harmless. Unwittingly fulfilling a dreaded prophecy and thus becoming part of the apostasy as predicted in your King James bible, until the Hinderer of Lawlessness is removed.


The Most Crucial Point in this Book.

Should any believer, innocently have attendedeven one Ouija board sitting (often referred to as just a harmlessgame).  Maybe they havevisited a fortune teller or became curiousabout John Edwards and only sat in on one séance (but never took part at all) years after their conversion to Christ. Sadly and tragically their spiritual hedge of protection hasbeen broken from thatinitial attendance or participation in any of the 28 doctrines of devils.

There are hundreds of thousands of American followers of the Lord Jesus today, who do have a daily personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but are ignorantly (and many of them arrogantly)attending Holy Yogaclasses. This is where they earnestly meditate on Jesus or scripture as well, but every oneofthem has broken their own spiritual hedge of protection.

NB – (Common sense teaches us) Hindu priests don’t break breadin remembrance of our Lord Jesus and neither are any Gurus,Swamis ordevoutHindu followers foolish enough to go through anyChristian water baptism.And surely these insightful believers doing yoga – realise these are the only two Christian sacramentsfor followersof theLord Jesus to adhere to?Therefore logically,no devout Hindu would try to make up excuses to partake in Holy Communionor get baptized . . . would they?

Yet Spirit filled pastors and their wives are recruiting hundreds of ignorant and weak saints in Christ (void of clear biblical warnings against being a stumbling block)to openly partake in a Hindu religious practise where the original 25 positions first used in Yoga are in fact positions of prayer to Shiva, Vishnu Brahmin and Krishna.


Food for thought:  Once your spiritual hedge is broken, you won’t notice the gradual changes in your Christian life, but you will lose that joy you once hadright after your conversion to Christ.  Without even noticing it, your daily private prayer time will stop and reading the bible will seem pointless as new and very interesting pastimes arrive on your doorstep, giving you more brilliant excuses not to visit church, cell groups or bible study anymore.

There is a spirit sent to tempt you daily by the enemy (Satan) and its prime goal is to cause you to sin.  It is this same spirit that arranges, organizesand aims to trapyou into attending one Karate class - to use the Ouija board just once, maybe to you get hypnotised or lead you into any of the other doctrines.

However you seriously need to understand thatthe moment your spiritual hedge breaks, your heavenly sent guardian angel, loses the power and authority to protect, guidance, alert, instruct and inform you directly from the Holy Spirit . . . due to that occult sin committed against God.

Then all future decisions you assume are made by you are manipulated by the very same spirit that led you (undetected) to partake in one of the doctrines of devils.

And just as there are no bells ringing, no lights flashing or any hairs standing up on the back of your neck when you get tempted daily by an evil spirit to lie, steal, cheat, blaspheme or calling a friend to spread harmful gossip again.Likewise, there is never any warning or any sign when committingthat occult sin against God and you break your spiritual hedge.

You are faced with a spiritual Catch 22 situation looming over your Christian life right now. Though you have never heard of a spiritual hedge being broken, you have often heard or read of the prophecy given to Paul pertaining to the apostasy . . . and you have to make a decision.

The only valid reason any Christian would hesitate to read this book and grow in Grace could be due to a broken spiritual hedge and no desire to get closer to Christ. 

This book was written just to convey the truth and not try to convince any readers to purchase it


Follow Your Own Convictions