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Open letter to Teachers and all other educators

Anyone would be shocked to the core reading how far reaching a single conversation from teacher to pupil could influence, change and destroy an entire career and future of one child! But being a teacher, it must also have touched you more deeply than most parents could ever imagine. You are commended on choosing a profession that has such historical impact upon those you have taught.

Thousands of people owe you indescribable gratitude and would never have reached certain grades, degrees or professions without your sacrifice over the years. We already asked and prayed the Holy Spirit would open your eyes to the aimless plights of attention seekers studying under your wings. Whatever impact this book has upon your life, we pray you would gently and diplomatically channel it over onto your fold.

When stepping back and catching a tiny glimpse of the Bigger Picture of life, it is awe inspiring to realize not a bus driver, postman, butcher, housewife, artist, senator, judge or President could have achieved their goals without inspiration, motivation and commitment from teachers along the way.

You know better than anyone else and have been forced to watch how traditional American standards, morals and religious beliefs have changed and dwindled within the teaching facilities over the past fifteen years. If you precious folk dont continue to teach, set new standards and raise the alarm about our youth and their difficulty to form lasting relationships build self esteem, integrity and honesty our freedom sung will soon turn to failure won.

All one can dare to suggest to bold and courageous teachers is please continue teaching from the heart and know that you are loved, greatly appreciated and prayed for by millions of Christian parents around the world who have seen those young ripples in the pond of freedom and democracy.

You have made a huge difference in every single childs life thus far plus your profession and calling has not gone in vain. Remain open to those who respect and look up to you blessing their ears with knowledge, righteousness and peace.