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Open letter to Members in the Church of Satan - USA

I can imagine how rocked your ‘Satanic boat’ must be now after reading this book. But besides seeing the other side of the (real) Satanic coin in Phil’s story we hope you have the honesty to admit both the late Anton LaVey and Mr. Gilmore ‘wanna be High Priest’ conned you into joining that group.

A person studied for ten years became Magus High Priest for seven years, yet was so greatly loved by God a messenger was sent to share God’s love and His Son to an extremely wicked and evil unbeliever. Phil gladly accepted a new Master and was saved by Jesus Christ from certain death and eternal separation from God in Hell. In comparison, those who were conned into paying US$200 for a crimson card and never attended a single ritual, ceremony or was initiated in accordance to details in this book—you still have a 200% opportunity now to receive Christ as savior and Lord!

Not even the twenty-seven ruling High Priests in the world today have any excuse not to turn to IOVA as Lord. So can you imagine what weak excuses members of the Church of Satan in San Francisco would use? This book has become a step towards the cross and your salvation or another opportunity to reject Christ, but it will be held against you on Judgment Day. This is not a fear tactic either dear reader just a fact of life for those foolish enough to think they can play God with their own destiny!

To those who have the courage, guts and honesty to admit they must be sinners, need the Only begotten Son of God for their salvation and wish to turn to Him right now. Then without a doubt you are one of those who feel His love engulfing you, His presence mysteriously enveloping your whole being and you just know. Now is my time to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. We bless God for your decision, as the salvation of any reader helps accomplish our goals for publishing of this book.