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Open letter to Parents

Every healthy growing teenager without a family role model will naturally go through the universally accepted Teenage Identity Crisis. Like an oil spot on the garage floor, a dog unable to stop scratching or a bulb that doesnt glow. These are symptoms of tiny problems that can be remedied by even tinier adjustments in life if.. attended to immediately.

The same is said of teenagers not accepting themselves or trying to impress anyone out there for exactly that same reason. The inner craving to be loved by their family and accepted by friends and society is universal and natural. Yet it is becoming virtually impossible with modern day standards created by the media, top models, artists and celebrities. 90% of most problems all teenagers face are due to not having someone to listen to them. Whilst the other 10% are straight forward trials they must learn to face work through and overcome. If you wish your daughter or son to stop drawing childish occult symbols and signs on their bedroom walls and school cases.

Or stop them from purposely dressing so way out to embarrass you in front of family and friends there is a solution. Just for once, why dont you take time to sit down, listen to them and become part of their very scary insecure and totally different perception of life? Absolutely no adult opinions or perceptions are required, but just honest concern and compassion as you sincerely suggest the two of you read Phil's biography together and discuss it openly afterwards. Every teenager needs a soft place to fall in certain emotional times and you need to create that place for them. They badly need examples to follow before their well deserved respect is dished out to folk who must never go back on a promise. Parenting must literally be the most difficult life long task to accomplish thus far.

Many folk dont want to know about DNA and genes, but your child at the age of ten or twenty-two is a Rank Xerox copy of what you say and do. Use this book as a means to reach confused teenagers and young adults, but do remember any one involved in occult practices will not appreciate any parent wagging this book in their face and saying Why dont you read this book and see how stupid your childish Satanic Church really is?

It was never printed for that purpose and we strongly urge you to rather leave it lying around for them to see and never stop praying for them. Warmth, love, understanding, freedom, space, forming own opinions, jokes, laughter and a strong balance of Christ in any home, will remedy and help raise wonderful, well mannered and content teenagers. We wish your family the very best in Christ, may His grace help you raise and educate one of Gods greatest gifts to mankind the teenager.