Magus Thor'rauna - High Priest of Satan of S. Africa
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Open letter to Magus Thor’rauna High Priest of Satanism of S. Africa in 2006

I am forced to use this avenue to reach you as your spirit-guide will never allow a second Magus any personal contact with a Spirit filled believer of IOVA.

Your father’s name was Jan and you have three brothers. Eldest is musical and an actor who settled in America many years ago. You are the second eldest and were initiated into the priesthood of S. Africa during Black Mass on the 13th February 1981. Your younger brother Christo stayed with your dad in the late seventies where I taught him to play a musical instrument. My girlfriend tutored him in math and he passed his final year of school. (Christo will remember us both when reading this).

Your father was married to an unsuspecting Christian woman attending the Full Gospel church. After she caught him teleporting and his confessed to being in the priesthood she immediately divorced him. Some years later your grandmother passed away in April 1977 and after Phil Botha warned us of the dire consequences, both he your dad insisted your identity remain a secret from the media. And for this same reason your youngest brother whom you love deeply cannot be made public, due to his unique sounding name placing both of your immediate remaining ‘close’ relatives at risk.

Ironically your dad and I sat in Phil’s Brackenfell home the night you phoned your predecessor and threatened to take his life after boasting of your initiation into the priesthood of Satan. Later that evening at Stellenbosch University Phil shared his latest death threat and revealed your true identity to a large gathering of students and Dominees. Jan had to testify that same night during Phil’s historical meeting and he broke down wept unashamedly for you in public. After that Jan often spoke of his unconditional love for you, regardless of that tragic choice you made.

By now thousands of Christians who have read this book will answer our (unspoken) plea to pray for your salvation. Compassion for your soul will take priority in hearts and you will be lifted in prayer before God’s throne. No one can fight against the love of God—not even you Magus! Clive Petzer had less than 100 saints praying for Phil and he couldn’t fight the love of Christ coming from one pastor. Now imagine over 300,000 Spirit filled believers around the world reading this book and praying for you daily? (excluding all the other believers they E-mail and ask to pray for your soul-daily).

Magus after I met your dad and all your brothers, God placed a burden of love for you in my heart. Since 1981 I have daily prayed for your salvation, but wish to add a touch of Heavenly audacity here, to boldly request and wait in great expectation for your reply. When you accept IOVA as Lord and Master may I have the honor of writing your autobiography? You will be the second and final Magus High Priest of Satanism in the world, who escapes alive and accepts IOVA as Savior. Naturally you will dedicate it to your beloved late father Jan who as you well know is still winning souls even as you read this open letter of Love.