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Between the 30th April –2ndMay 1969, just over a month after his conversion to Christ, Phil was forced onto the outside ledge on the 13th floor of a very tall building in Amanzimtoti. Bewildered and confused he lost his balance and fell to the pavement below. Fortunately representatives of two newspapers arrived on the scene some 15 minutes before he fell. Laterthey took photos of his lifeless body on the pavement and coupled with their eye witness account,the story was splashed across the front pages of the local morning newspapers a few hours later.

The fire brigade had tried in vain to rescue him as their ladders were hopelessly too short and owners of buildings in the sixties never bothered leaving emergency numbers on doors and naturally, mobile phones were never even thought of back then. And because the police station was in the same street opposite the building, they were able to notify the army to bring their huge 60 cm search light in order to see exactly where Phil was standing.  And it was that blinding light from the street below that startled him and literally caused him to slip off the edge and fall to his death.

Pastor Petzer only found out about this bazaar event early the next morning when he picked up his morning newspaper and saw the photo of Phil’s lifeless body on the front page. He rushed to Addington hospital where he and Reverent Merchie began praying for Phil, but his spirit guide (Thor’rauna) refused to leave the room. Around 11-00am that same morning, Addington hospital’s orderlies, nurses and doctors who wheeled him in, attended to his gapping head wounds and scanned his lifeless body . . . stood and wept silently in amazement and disbelief as Phil Botha walked next to pastor Petzer without a single cut, not a stitch on his body and not a single broken bone after falling from the 13th floor of a building the night before.

R2,000 offered to ANYONE

Any young person in their twenties back in 1969 will no doubt be on pension today in their seventies.  And that is why I’m appealing to anyone reading this . . . whose mother or father, uncle, aunt or even grandfather might have been on duty that night in the hospital, police force, army or working for one of those newspapers that reported the actual event in May 1969.

Maybe your grandparents or a relative spoke of that day and showed you the front page of that newspaper and you remember the date and the event. Perhaps they handed you the article or photo they had cut out of the paper and you still have it safely tucked away somewhere amongst dozens of family albums. Or perhaps you are alive in your mid-seventies and kept a copy of that incredible article you wrote as a very young apprentice of the local Sunday newspaper?

Should you possess an actual copy of that newspaper report or a photograph - please make contact via my e-mail address at the bottom of this page as God is about to do some fantastic things with Phil’s testimony very soon.  But to receive any copies, have them authenticatedand record any eye witness account of that event would be the cherry on top because . . .

GREAT NEWS:                                                                                                                                                    

South Africa’s most accomplished Christian film producer Regardt van den Bergh has graciously agreed to turn Phil’s biography into a full length 2 hour Christian film.

With the script completed,the lead role chosen by three individuals (in three different cities without any contact) and Christian businessmen who are being spoken to by the Holy Spirit, we patiently wait upon God’s leading and timing before we can start filming a S. African story that will bring hundreds of thousands into the Kingdom of heaven.

All future updates will be found here on the website including confirmed actors, locations, dates, crew, directors, producers and photos where possible.  Join us in Giving Thanks now, in advance for the future funding of this film and to have such an amazing and powerful opportunity to share the gospel on the big screen and reach untold millions in the process.

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