Magus Thor'rauna - High Priest of Satan of S. Africa
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In the second month after Phil's conversion he was forced onto the outside ledge on the 13th floor of a very tall building in Amanzimtoti. Bewildered and confused he lost his balance and fell to the pavement below. Fortunately representatives of two newspapers were present about ten minutes before he fell and captured everything releasing their report and photographs on the front pages the next day.

The fire brigade tried in vain to rescue him, but their ladders were hopelessly too short and the police were called in to control the crowd below. Pastor Petzer only found out about this bazaar event when he saw the photograpgh of Phil in the morning paper. He rushed to Addington hospital where he and Reverent prayed for Phil. Hours later he miraculously walked out of that hospital unaided, without a single scratch on his body nor any broken bones due to that fall.

R1000 offered to ANYONE

I appeal to any policemen who were on duty, firemen, those young army recruits who helped and even the young ambulance assistants who removed the body. The doctors and nurses who all saw and witnessed THAT miraculous event in their own hospital.

If you possess a copy of that newspaper report, photographs or a relative who has spoken about the story. Please make contact ... via my e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Once the photos or newspaper has been authenticated by a local Durban newspaper editor, we shall print a copy of the original for this website and will (be shown on 3Talk - SATV3) deliver the original back to the owner with the promised R1000 for their trouble.

this building?